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FWA June 14, 2011 Meeting - Rik Feeney Speaker!!!

On June 14 2011, the FWA River City Writers welcomes author, publisher and sensational speaker Rick Feeney. Rick will be speaking on: Digital Books: Don’t get left behind!

Digital books are the wave of the future. Even if you publish traditionally, the additional

markets available through digital books is enormous. Learn the basics so you can get

your books published digitally, in most cases within 24 hours (and for free!), on popular

e-readers like the Kindle, the Nook, the Sony E-reader, and online through Barnes and

Noble’s Pubit, Google Editions, and many more digital outlets. After this talk, you will be

able to publish a digital book today!

Books are not the only thing you can publish digitally. You can also publish short stories,

poems, recipes, white papers, short reports, and booklets. It’s a great way to support

and market your fiction writing. You can literally feed your fiction addiction by writing

non-fiction! Tomorrow there will be several new digitally published authors at this

conference. Will you be one of them?

Participants will learn:

1. How to prepare digital documents.

2. How to publish digital documents.

3. How to develop digital documents from one-page reports to multi-page books.

Rik Feeney – Brief Biography

Rik Feeney adapted his love of reading, writing, and gymnastics to become a published

author of more than 48 books, reports, and CD’s on the sport and business of

gymnastics as well as a book coach, author web page designer, and promotional expert

for aspiring authors.

Rik received a Bachelor of Arts in Writing & Literature from Vermont College of Norwich

University in 2003. He is currently a columnist for answering questions in

two categories; Publishing and Self Publishing, and the sport of Gymnastics.

He currently works with authors and self-publishers as a book development and

marketing coach, providing insight and information to help new writers leap beyond the

mundane but financially treacherous concerns of publishing.

He is also the Orlando Florida Writer’s Association group leader hosting monthly

meetings at the University Club in Winter Park the first Wednesday of every month from

6:30 to 8:30 PM.

Rik Feeney has done several talks at writer’s conferences and seminars throughout the

Southeast and is finishing two new books, Writing for Fun, Fame, & Fortune, and

Publishing for Penny-Pinchers.

Rik Feeney has also been one of the Platinum Sponsors for the FWA State Conference

for the past three years under the business name (which is

being re-named this year).

My skill sets include desktop publishing, researching online, graphic design with

Photoshop, photography, writing non-fiction as well as fiction books, articles, reports,

brochures, and most of all buckets full of creativity to apply to any topic or project.
2011 Speaker Application: Rik Feeney 6

RIK FEENEY / / 407-529-8539 /

Testimonials for Rik Feeney’s talks

“Lots of good meat to chew on. [Rik]

answers more key questions than you

know you had.”

- J. Kent Bull / St. Augustine, FL

“Very informative. Spoken from


- Walt Hogan, St. Augustine, FL

“You provided me with a great primer

on establishing a web site [for authors].

You also gave me numerous marketing

ideas originating with a web site; I look

forward to reading your marketing


- Robert Dickey, St. Augustine, FL

“Your delivery was on point, clear and

full of info. Glad I know you – I feel that

you are a great resource to our writer’s


- Charlotte Kramer, St. Augustine, FL

“Information on the media page was

very helpful. This was a topic I hadn’t

thought of that could be very useful to

the “marketing” of the book without my


- J. Bjork, St. Augustine, FL

“Very Informative. Good knowledge.”

- Cindy Fraher

“Very helpfrul & informative. Most

questions answered before they were


- Hadessa Mullane, Palatka, FL

“I enjoyed the humor in the talk. The

content was very helpful.”

- Howard E. Johnson, St. Augustine, FL

“Rik takes all the complexities of the

publishing industry and simplifies them;

makes them easy to understand. Rik is

well organized & well versed in all

aspects of writing & publishing.”

- Jeff Swesky, Daytona Beach, FL

“The best use of 3-hours of my time on

a day off. Would recommend any

wannabe writer to attend.”

- Jack M.D. Owen, Palm Beach, FL

“Genuine information for aspiring

writers done in an entertaining way.

Concrete information that helps authors

in marketing their books. Outstanding!”

- Kim Miller, St. Augustine, FL

“Rik is the most powerful speaker in the

field of writing I have ever heard! When

I get ready to pay for a personal

consultation, he will be my man!”

- Dorothy G. Loop, St. Augustine, FL

“Very informative & helpful. Presented

in an interesting manner.”

- Frank J. Realin, Weymouth, MA

“Very good. Broke down the publishing

industry into 3 easy-to-understand


- Robert Lee, Satsung, FL

“Very informational…Loaded! Visual

presentation…straight to the point.


- Gearge W. Prow

“Very informative. Presented clearly

with humor.”

- A. McDevitt, St. Augustine, FL

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