Saturday, March 31, 2012


FWA April 10 Meeting Rik Feeney Speaker

We are thrilled to have award-winning author Rik Feeney speak to our group on

Sell Your Book in 30 Seconds: Elevator speech basics and marketing description mechanics that sell books!

Come prepared to take copious notes and be ready to be entertained.

As usual you are welcome to bring two double-spaced pages of any work in progress for the group to critique. The meeting will start at 7 pm at the SE Library on Deerwood Pkwy.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012


March 13 and April 10 River City Writers Meetings 7 pm SE Library

On March 13, 2012  I  will be speaking on "Creating a Setting that Both Defines and Confines Your Characters". The setting you create adds realism and should always be viewed through your character's eyes and biases.

On April 10, award-winning author Rik Feeney will speak on "Sell Your Book in 30 Seconds: Elevator Speech Basics and Marketing Mechanics that Sell Books" at the SE Library at 7pm.  Rik is a real pro, everytime I hear him talk I fill pages with notes of things I want to apply.

As always you are welcome to bring in 2 pages of any work in progess (double-spaced 12 pt please) for the group to critque.

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